Ryota Aoki

Ryota Aoki, like the potters of 400 years ago wants to create something new for the world. Aoki blends historic and modern in his pottery. His works range from delicate and gentle soft, white porcelain dishes and teaware to Manganese vases and clay exhibition ceramics. Influenced by the spirit of English potter Lucie Rie who committed herself to researching and producing a new type of glaze. Ryota Aoki produces and studies up to 15,000 glazes a year working intuitively and knowing when a glaze is at rest. He has also been influenced by Koie Ryoji, Kitaoji Rosanjin and countless other Japanese potters. Aoki has become one of the leaders of a new generation of ceramicists having helped establish Ikeyan, a group of young Japanese potters that he now oversees.