Antique Embroidery, Tapestry and Aubusson Fragments from the late 18th century through to the early 20th century, sourced from Europe and America; tell a story of our past domestic interior worlds. Most are hand stitched or hand loomed in wool or silk; using natural dyes, they show the hand of the maker. Today the fragments are decaying. Frayed and torn they speak to us from a history past, depicting blossoms, flowers, animal and human figures, leaves and ribbons, fruits and landscapes. The textiles are salvaged from furniture and wall hangings. Michele Tanner Bespoke Framing frames the fragments to archival standards in the Yarra Valley. Her eye for detail and placement is delicate and thoughtful. The Mercurious framed fragments can sit in a multitude of environments; commercial, residential, hospitality and traverse any style of interior from modern to classical .